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Nigeria-Scotland Arts

Bringing together those working in the arts and dementia across Scotland and Nigeria to engage in an international knowledge-exchange


We are working with Arts in Medicine Projects, Nigeria and Global South Arts & Health Week (GSAHW) to engage in international knowledge-exchange. In 2023, we hosted an event as part of GSAHW which brought together early career researchers, artists, and others across Nigeria and Scotland to discuss the role of the arts in dementia care. We hope that the event will be a catalyst for future research and collaboration, fuelling future innovation and research that places intercultural knowledge-exchange as central to the arts and dementia. Read a blog about the event.

We hope that we will be able to continue our partnership to increase collaboration across Nigeria and Scotland in the future. For 2024, we are exploring how to do this through engagement with Healing Arts Scotland.

This project is funded by the British Academy Early Career Research Network.


/ Dr Katey Warran

University of Edinburgh

/ Kunle Adewale

Arts in Medicine Projects, Nigeria

/ Ashley Stewart


/ Yinka Enahoro


/ Joy Dias

University of Edinburgh

Exploring the interconnections between public health, the arts, theory, and sociology.
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