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Co-constructing a Sociology of Arts and Health

Creating a new theoretical foundation in arts and health in partnership with a multi-disciplinary co-production group


Both ‘art’ and ‘health’ have been analysed sociologically independently (as ‘the sociology of art’ and ‘the sociology of health’), exploring how these phenomena are shaped by society and may reveal facets of social structure. Yet, ‘arts and health’ is rarely studied in view of the social forces in which it has been constructed as a field of research and practice. Increased sociological exploration is important to deconstruct norms and values implicit in the field that may be perpetuating social inequalities and to provide ‘thinking tools’ for researchers to reflect critically on their positionality.


The aim of this project is to co-construct a ‘sociology of arts and health’ as a sociological sub-discipline, creating a new theoretical foundation in partnership with a multi-disciplinary co-production group and conducting an innovative sociological study of the arts and health field. Such sociological analyses will support with methodological innovation in arts and health, as well as highlight the ways in which ‘arts and health’ is constructed in and through social processes, thereby working towards more equitable and socially-just ways of working in the future.


/ Dr Katey Warran

This project is funded by the Leverhulme Trust. It is a fellowship awarded to Dr Katey Warran

/ Prof Heather Wilkinson

Mentor, University of Edinburgh

/ Dr Marisa De Andrade

Mentor, University of Edinburgh

/ Emily Davis

Research Assistant, University of Edinburgh

/ Prof Norma Daykin

Collaborator, University of the West of England

/ Co-production group

Members to be announced

Exploring the interconnections between public health, the arts, theory, and sociology.
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